Design Area

This area is for stand suppliers and exhibitors of the Expoprotection Security show.
You will find all the information related to the technical preparation of your participation in the exhibition.


If you have any question, please get in touch: [email protected]

Exhibitor Health Guide

Prepare your participation in complete safety: design of stands, cleaning and disinfection, personal protection...

Useful information

Opening hours, promotion, stands surveillance...

Exhibition Schedule

Build-up, exhibitors’ access, visitors output, dismantling...

Build up and dismantling instructions

Build up, occupation of stands, vehicule access to exhibition pavilion...

Rules on the prevention of Fire and Panic

The exhibitor must comply with the safety rules on the prevention of fire and panic in establishments open to the public fixed by the 25 June 1980 order (general provisions).

Stand design regulations

By signing their participation folder, the exhibitor undertakes to abide by the clauses of the General Regulations and to ensure all his decorators, installers or contractors abide by them.

Contacts and suppliers

You need services for your stand? Contact our list of service providers who will be able to meet your needs. 

Vehicles pre-register

VEHICLE ACCESS AUTHORIZATION - Compulsory for build-up, dismantling & delivery during event.

Restore Stand Location Agreement

Form to be sent back enclosed with your stand project

Arrangement of bare stands